Are biological processes and structures able to fully explain mental

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Are biological processes and structures able to fully explain mental illness in humans? Focus on one type of mental illness – PTSD  Your essay introduction should contain:

The title should be relevant, clear, and simple. A title should capture the main idea that you will explore in your essay. In other words, the title should be a succinct description of the main argument put forward in your essay and should not normally be longer than 20 words. The title should appear on your title page as well as on the top of the first page above your introduction. Format the title in 12-point Times New Roman Font. The title should be bold and centered. – INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH – This should be written in the style of an introduction to a complete essay. Write a paragraph that summarises the overall argument you intend to make in your essay. The introduction should lead the reader into the debate to come, and the thesis should be set forth at the end of this introduction. The function of the thesis in an essay is to provide a reader with a reference point. In your thesis, you state the main claim of your essay in a succinct form, usually a sentence, which you will expand in the main body of your essay. An


should include 1. A context statement/s: A brief introduction to the topic you will be addressing in the essay, why the essay topic is important, and what your argument will contribute to our understanding of this topic. The context statement should usually be two to three sentences long. 2. A thesis statement: A succinct statement answer to the essay question that you will spend the rest of the essay supporting. The thesis statement (or conclusion to your argument) is the lynchpin of your argumentative essay. All the claims you make throughout your essay should be linked back to this statement. 3. Reasons for believing your thesis statement: Your introduction introduces your reader to what you will say in your essay and your key arguments to support your thesis statement.

Your essay is an argument for your thesis statement and, as such, your introduction should introduce the evidence/reasons/supporting claims you will use to justify your thesis statement in your essay. In short, your introduction should be a clear and succinct outline (or roadmap) to your essay. By the end of your introduction, your reader should be clear about what you will argue for in your essay and why. – REFERENCE LIST – The reference list should contain a list of scholarly references that you have read, understood, and used to support the argument you present in your assignment. All publications mentioned in your assignment should be included in this list.

Do not mention texts that are not cited in your assignment. The reference list for this assignment should be presented in APA 7th edition format [use your Burton writing guide for guidance]. The reference list always starts on a new page with a heading that says: ‘References’. Format references in 12- point Times New Roman Font (or in another font approved by APA 7) and use a hanging indent of 1.27cm for each reference. Double-space your references. Do not use newspaper articles, internet websites, or the like as a reference for your own work. Internet websites are not scholarly resources. Do not use generic dictionaries. If you want to define a psychological term, you should use a psychological dictionary. Use primary resources wherever possible.

You may use specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, and textbooks for background information. However, when you come to write your argument you should be summarising the original research rather than another person’s summary of the original research.

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