BC Nursing Profession Essay

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Please view explanation and answer below.1Nursing Profession OutlineStudent’s NameUniversity AffiliationCourseInstructorDate2Nursing Profession OutlineOverview of the ProfessionIn the twenty-first century, nursing is the sealant that holds a patient’s journey ofhealthcare together. According to the American Nurses Association (2022), nurses worktirelessly throughout the patient’s experience, identifying and advocating for the individual needswherever they are needed. The profession is constantly improving to suit society’s requirements,in addition to its long-standing reputation for devotion and compassion. Nurses have animportant role in public health, from ensuring correct diagnoses to informing the public aboutkey health issues. Nursing is both a science and an art, requiring both a brain and a heart.Intuition for a patient’s needs and profound respect for human dignity are at its core. The mindbacks this up by providing rigorous foundational learning. Each nurse has their own hobbies,talents, and capabilities because the nursing profession involves such a broad spectrum ofspecialized skills and specialties.When evaluating a patient, nurses follow similar ethos: they don’t just look at test data.The nursing process demonstrates how nurses use their judgment to integrate factual data withsubjective perception of a patient’s physical, behavioral, and biological needs. This ensures thatall patients receive the finest possible care, regardless of who or where they are, whether in acommunity health center or city hospital, summer camp, or state jail. According to Smith (2022),nurses’ responsibilities include documenting medical symptoms and history, working with teamsto plan patient care, and advocating for patients’ well-being and health. Nurses must also keeptrack of their patient’s health and record their vital signs, dispense treatments and medications,operate medical equipment, and run diagnostic procedures. Nurses provide advice and assistanceto patients while also educating them on managing their conditions.3Educational Requirements and LicensingSpecific nursing school requirements will vary depending on the program; therefore, oneshould communicate with an admissions counselor before applying. According to AlverniaUniversity (2022), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs often have higherrequirements than Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs. Some universities will requirea 3.2 GPA in high school. The GPA required to enter an Ivy League nursing program, such asthe University of Pennsylvania, may differ from the GPA needed to enter the nursing program atthe University of Florida.According to Gaines (2021), all institutions demand particular prerequisite courses toapply for a BSN or ADN nursing degree. These are classes often studied in high school andserved as a basis for more advanced, college-level courses. One must have at least one year ofBiology and Chemistry in high school with a C or better in both and two years of college-levelMathematics with a grade of C or better. One must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher for the ADNprogram or a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the BSN program in addition to SATs or TEAS (Test ofEssential Academic Skills). An LPN is a licensed practical nurse who provides primary medicaltreatment under the supervision of registered nurses or doctors. A certificate or certification,which takes one to two years to earn, is required to become an LPN. A registered nurse (RN)works in one of many specializations and is involved in all aspects of patient care. An associatedegree is required to become an RN, but a bachelor’s degree is becoming the typical minimumeducation requirement.Personality TraitsNursing is difficult, but it is also gratifying, and it will be well worth it in the end.However, it is not for the faint of heart; becoming a successful nurse necessitates the4development of specific personality qualities. According to Saint Michael College of AlliedHealth (2021), apart from the arduous testing and schooling requirements, passing certificationexams, and landing a job, several characteristics distinguish a good nurse from an exceptionalnurse. Nurses should have compassion, attention to detail, excellent communication skills,patience, quick problem-solving skills, and a desire to keep learning. The ability to communicateeffectively is one of the most critical qualities of a successful nurse. Medical errors are reduced,and patients are informed, thanks to appropriately comprehend and t…



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