Health & Medical Habit Loops Questions

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Q.1) In a paragraph write a current habit you have that impacts either your cognitive, emotional or physical wellness. Specify the cue, routine, reward that you currently experience and what you seek to change. Look at the flow chart in Chapter 7 and identify an alternative routine, which would give you the same or comparable reward. Use the verbiage (which is on the flow chart) to write your plan.

Q.2)  Circling back to Chapter 1, identifying your end game vision,  has that vision changed in the last 3 months? Construct an overall wellness plan, which includes short term goals for your mental health, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, nutrition and weight control.  What weekly and monthly markers need to be reached?  These measurable objectives will put you on a trajectory toward your end game vision.
This was my response in chapter one that you need to look at…
       Health is an essential factor in a life of a human being. Maintaining good health and wellness ensures happiness and contributes to progress made by people. Health and wellness currently play a significant role in my life, as I can achieve my goals when my body is perfectly fit and healthy. Happy living is a vital role that health and wellness have played in my life because I am not experiencing the pain and suffering from people who lack good health. Lack of good health destroys the financial plan that one might have, as all the funds will be channeled to the person’s treatment (Radhakrishnan, 2021). Wellness has also contributed to my current life, whereby by practicing healthy eating habits and doing exercise, I can avoid lifestyle diseases that might compromise my health.
       By the age of 75, my health status would be in the perfect state during my younger days. Interdependence will become a problem as a part of my brain diminishes, making it difficult to remember specific details. I would rely on someone close to me to assist me in remembering what I needed to do. Performing chores that will require more energy will be challenging as my bones and muscles will grow weaker. Light chores such as cleaning kitchen countertops could be manageable. Even at a later age, exercise is necessary to maintain body fitness. The heavy and vigorous workout will be challenging to practice. Mobility will not be an issue because the body is still in good shape, though walking distances will be shorter than before (WebMD, 2021). Dependence on doctors and medics will not be high due to early health management and wellness habits, as most diseases such as diabetes will have been averted.
Q.3) In a few sentences, name 3 great wellness habits already in place in your life, that will serve you well as you age. Habits can pertain to fitness, nutrition or cognitive/emotional wellness.



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