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Hello, for any questions or edits let me knowGoodbyeRunning head: KHAYFA HAYIL SHIPPING COMPANYKhayfa Hayil Shipping CompanyStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation1KHAYFA HAYIL SHIPPING COMPANY2Khayfa Hayil Shipping CompanyWater covers about 70% of the earth’s area. Hence, maritime transport moves the mostmassive cargo from one country to another. Ships are categorized based on what they carry andalso the spheres they operate. There are broad subdivisions on the types of vessels and can beextensive. Khayfa hayil shipping company offers three types of ships that deliver services tocustomers. It includes the container ship, bulk carrier ship, passenger ship, among others.Container ShipA container vessel is a type of cargo ship that carries all loads in truck-size intermodalcontainers in a method called containerization. This ship is classified as bulk freight andbreakbulk cargo that transport a packed bulk of ship into a large general volume to use a breakbulk cargo that transport packages of general manufacturers of goods advert to containerizationand a break-bulk item. This is loaded into lashes and lashes and unload from the ship one pieceat a time (Pryor, 2017). The containers can carry up to 3000 cubic feet of cargo or up to $64000in one cargo ship that is secured from marine attack. Containerization increased the efficiency ofKHAYFA HAYIL SHIPPING COMPANY3moving traditional break-bulk freight significantly to reduce the shipping time by 80% and thecaused by 35%.Bulk Carrier ShipThis ship carries the bulk of merchant ships to specialized design transportation of impactby cargo on this container cargo such as green coal, steel, coal, and cement. This transport shiploose cargo without any specific parking to eat and general container in terms of food grains andcall for transportation (Atutxa & Abad, 2016). Economic factors have forced the shippingcompanies to develop shipping criteria that increase the size and sophistication of these designerbulk carrier ship to enhance on the safety, efficiency, and durabilityPassenger ShipThese are primarily used to carry passengers with categories of fairy that are ocean linersand cruise ships. These categories may include cargo ships that carry few passengers withadequate facilities to carry substantial numbers of passengers. The passenger ships are quiteexpensive as they transport passengers with numerous occasions that meet the required navalforces that are also used to transport lights goods such as mail and pact freight. This ship cancarry up to 2000 passengers through intercontinental travel with luxurious means of transportlike the past Titanic Olympic and Queen Elizabeth ships (Pryor, 2017). The cruise ship is a largepassenger ship that offers pleasure trips to adventure-seeking people and on-board facilities ofrestaurant, casino, theatre, ballroom, disco, fitness, swimming pool, and shops. These floatingresorts provide negotiation for the customers to hire for the recreational process and enjoy anormal li…



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