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Please view explanation and answer below.EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP REPORTEffective Organizational Leadership reportByJohanna YoungFebruary 23th, 2022DB-FPX8405: Effective Organizational LeadershipDr. Jim Alstott1EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP REPORT2Executive SummaryEffective organizational leadership enables businesses to meet their vision, mission, andgoals. Without proper frameworks and mechanisms for identifying potential business threats andmaximizing human and economic resources, business are bound to fail. Therefore, strategicplanning and implementation are essential components that provide an effective decision-makingframework, support understanding of organizational management, enable strategic evaluation,and promote progressive growth. This paper focuses on CapraTek, a technological company witha unique product and market expansion strategy, to present a conceptual framework formitigating leadership, information systems, and marketing problems.CapraTek has invested in technological innovation and seeks to diversify its operations toa fairly new market by offering smart home technology solutions directly to its customers. Thisbusiness expansion strategy presents lucrative opportunities for CapraTek and creates significantpotential problems that might interfere with the company’s organizational leadership. Therefore,this paper discusses three specific problems facing CapraTek’s leadership, information system,and marketing projects, which are managerial effectiveness challenges, architectural complexity,and adaptability problems, respectively.Using fishbone diagrams, theoretical approaches, and mind maps, this paper elucidatesthe problems associated with transitioning from business-to-business (B2B) to business-toconsumers (B2C), product diversification, and market expansion. Therefore, the objective of thisresearch is to inform top executives of potential business problems and effective organizationalleadership models, theories, and frameworks that put business problems into perspective.EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP REPORT3Leadership Business ProblemCapraTek’s specific leadership business problem is developing managerial effectiveness.Although the company has successfully engaged in business-to-business (B2B) operations in thepast, it now seeks to expand its services to include business-to-consumer (B2C) services.Notably, CapratTek seeks to expand into the development of an integrated wireless system, afairly new venture that will create substantial managerial competence requirements, includingplanning and administration, effective communication, strategic development, and team building.Similarly, this shift in business operations will bring CapraTek’s management face to face withthe burden of handling challenges arising from competition and the liability of newness.Therefore, as the company diversifies into advanced smart home technologies, new leadershipchallenges will emerge from the internal and external environment.Organizational leadership is a fundamental business component that establishes strategicplans and motivates individuals to achieve the vision, mission, and goals of an organization.According to Sehic (2021), leadership plays a crucial role in influencing others to understandwhat needs to be done and to facilitate individual and group effectiveness. Therefore,CapraTek’s leaders at the strategic, managerial, and supervisory levels must identify credible,sustainable, and applicable theories that explain effective leadership. By adopting a leadershiptheory that best fits CapraTek’s unique situation, the CEO and other unit managers can advancecompany goals and ensure business success.EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP REPORTNewEmployeeCompetition4NewFacilityManagerialEffectivenessProblemsNewProductsNewMarketNewStructureFig. 1: Fishbone Diagram showing leadership problemsVarious theories have been put forth that explain effective leadership styles andcompetent managerial skills. Cote (2017) outlines several leadership theories that include thesituational, leader-member, transformational, and transactional leadership theories. Situationalleadership focuses on the tasks at hand and a leader’s supportive behavior. Leader-membertheory is premised on the interactions or exchanges between leaders and followers. Transactionalleadership focuses on performance, where leaders use reward and punishment to fostercompliance. These theories have distinct strengths and weaknesses that vary depending oncompany goals, culture, size, niche, and structure.Since CapraTek is a technological company with an established brand awareness and aunique innovation and expansion strategy, transformational leadership best applie…



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