(Mt) – ECOM 101 Saudi Electronic University Faces Saudi Arabia Case Study

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Please view explanation and answer below.Howdy,I’m done with the assignment. Find it attached to this message. ALL THE BEST!!RegardsTutor_Khloe25ECON 101: Paper outline1Knowledge of business1.1Business1.2Business idea and model1.3Target audience and marketplace1.4Website content1.5SWOT Analysis2Design of system3Current ecommerce features4Explain the business e-commerce process5ReferencesEcommerce Project: XciteStudent’s nameCourse titleInstructor’s nameDateEcommerce Project: Xcite11.1Know the businessIntroductionXcite is an electronics store with its headquarters in Kuwait selling a range ofelectrical appliances from computers, TVs, tablets, Games consoles to watches and fitnessgear. Xcite also offers 24 hour deliveries to customers on every purchase. The companywhich is part of the larger Alghanim industries bases itself on the mantra “Customers are thecenter of our focus” while using a customer centric strategy to ensure satisfaction amongstcustomers. The belief is that with quality services and products, they are not only serving thecustomers but also the community and stakeholders. As a subsidiary of AlghanimInternational Electronic, the company share the same objectives, values and statements whichis to value employees, focus on customers (customer-centricity), diversity and respect andabove all, teamwork.1.2Business and Revenue modelsThe company uses direct selling as its business model with the products and servicesbeing availed to the customers through its online platform. Operating under the AlghanimInternational electronic, the company’s products are sourced from the parent organization andthus sold to the customers through the platform. This goes a long way to explain its revenuemodel which is heavily reliant on the sales the company is able to make through the onlineplatform. Occasionally, the company introduces discounts which help it sell even moreproducts thus increasing its revenue flow. With delivery services, customers are also chargeda fee to facilitate with the fee varying with the location allowing the company to earn extrafees in the form of delivery fees with every sell.1.3Target AudienceXcite sells to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general with its products beingavailable for purchase to every citizen who is able to make a purchase. However, the targetaudience will be millennials which comprises of a groups between ages 18 to 40 as this arethe people who have shown most interested in electronics. Moreover, the target will be onmillennials in the middle and upper social classes. This target however only applies for thedevices like game consoles and music systems. When it comes to mobile phones however,the company targets every single customer in Saudi Arabia with the offers ranging from theleast priced to the most expensive phones based on the qualities.1.4Market CharacteristicsThe Saudi consumer electronics market is increasing with this demand being drivenmostly by the introduction of wireless connectivity. More people are gaining interest in suchdevices increasing demand for consumer electronics. Globally, the electronic market has seensignificant growth over the years with technological innovations playing a major role in this(Akhtar et al., 2021). A product to note is the fitness bands which are able to track bodyactivities falling in the wearables category of consumer electronics. With more peoplefocusing on healthier lifestyles, this is becoming more of a trend leading to a flux in demand.Competition in the Saudi consumer electronics market is consistently increasing withdifferent producers aiming at diversifying their offerings.1.5Website ContentLike every other ecommerce site, the Xcite site focuses on eye catching displays(Ricky, 2019). As a fact, when adding the website, the first thing to see is the large bannercarousel showing their discounts. Most sites use this to capture the customer’s attention andthus drive their urge to browse even more. The navigation menu offers easy to use hyperlinksdirecting the customer to various pages e.g. the Cart and Login pages. The categories buttonwhich is also part of the navigation menu offers a dropdown list that allows the customer tobrowse products based on the category they are interested in. the search bar offers an almost…



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