(Mt) – ECOM 101 Saudi Electronic University JARIR E Commerce Project

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Running head: WWW.JARIR.COM, E-COMMERCE1Saudi Electronic UniversityCollege of Administrative and Financial SciencesE-commerce DepartmentStudent Name:Student ID:Student Name:Student ID:Student Name:Student ID:Student Name:Student ID:Student Name:Student ID:Course Title: E-commerceCourse Code: ECOM 101Academic Year/ Semester: 2nd Semester/2021-2022CRN:Assignment Name: E-commerce Project – Part BInstructor Name: Layan Bin SalehStudent Grade: out of 15Grade Level:WWW.JARIR.COM, E-COMMERCE2Business Name: JARIRSite Design: www.jarir.com1. –functionality.A business could lose customers if its website takes too much time to load, hence thedevelopment team ought to know all tips and tricks of designing a website that loads quickly.Jarir’s website loads super-fast. By just typing the link jari.com in the browser, it just takes asecond to be directed to the site. Also, inside the website, everything takes a few seconds to load.In terms of functionality, we can say the website works.2. – Ease of use.When designing an e-commerce website, it is vital to have a simple design that does notbring confusion to potential customers. It is quite simple to navigate on the Jarir website. The siteallows users to easily find what they are looking for as it has a search bar and items are underdifferent categories. It also allows users to shop by brand making it easy to get to specific items.3. – Ease of purchase.It only takes a few clicks on the website to purchase an item. There is no confusionexperienced in the overall shopping experience a user is able to find a product of preference withease, add it to a shopping cart, and make payments without any difficulty. Every purchaseincluding the tickets is a few clicks away.4. – Simple graphics.Graphic design is a key element in any website and especially in e-commerce. Jarir’swebsite has a clear branding made possible by its simple graphics. It provides the user with q goodimpression of the brand. All products are well photographed on a white background making themclear.WWW.JARIR.COM, E-COMMERCE35. – Customer support.The website has a full-time customer support service that is as well reliable. It helps toresolve issues that users may counter in the process of purchasing products. Customer support isprovided through telephone numbers, email messages, and answers to frequently asked questions6. – Checkout option.E-commerce websites aim at providing an efficient shopping experience to customers thatis better compared to offline shopping. All fields on Jarir’s website are clearly labeled enablingusers to have a trouble-free checkout process. This also makes the overall process simple and quickavoiding frustration for customers. Once a customer clicks on the product they like, there is anoption to add the product to the cart and make a payment.7. – Responsive design.Jarir’s website is accessible to a wide range of platforms and from any digital device.People nowadays do shopping mostly via smartphones and computers in a much more convenientmanner. The responsive design of Jarir’s website makes it easy to use for consumers thusenhancing product sales.8. – Product description.E-commerce websites aim at showcasing products with a full description that defines t…



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