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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.EURO DISNEYLAND CASE STUDY1Euro Disneyland Case StudyStudent’s NameProfessor’s NameInstitutionCourseDateEURO DISNEYLAND CASE STUDY2Euro Disneyland Case StudyDiscover-The problem: The two of the three main issues described in the case that wereproblematicOperational errors are one of the main issues that Euro Disney committed. For instance,as in America, Monday was a bright day for guests, and Friday was heavy. Disney henceassumed that France would turn out to be like America. However, the truth was that the inverseoccurred. Therefore, Disney had a huge problem.Also, there was a staffing and training error because, in only 12 months, the organizationhad to recruit, employ, train, and keep 12,000 cast members (Luthans & Doh, 2018). It would bemuch like theatre troupe members. A huge issue was training all the members after hiring them.All workers were offered human resource training and training specifically for job requirements.A massive problem for Disney was to come up with the “have a nice day” approach and educate12000 employees or Europe to smile the “Disney smile” all day long.However, the chief recruitment subject that Euro Disney noticed was the “Disney Look,”Disney’s clothing code that was a firm code, all American look, a well-scrubbed that explainedthe size of fingernails, earrings size, prohibit of dyed hair, and facial hair as they thought that itwas out of their individualism (Luthans & Doh, 2018). Euro Disney of trying and imposing theirpersonal rules, has to take the decision of assessing and looking it was legal in the first place, andif it would not have an effect on the performance and satisfaction of workers. If the company hadtaken the decisions, all the issues with staff would have been mitigated, and the result would bebetter for Disney.EURO DISNEYLAND CASE STUDY3Investigate- The cultural challenges posed by Disney’s expansion into FranceEuro Disney’s expansion posed cultural challenges into France. It impacted its attendanceand performance. For instance, failing to serve alcohol lead to shock for French clients as it isnormal in French to have a wine glass during lunch (Luthans & Doh, 2018). Also, breakfast inthe hotels of Disney’s was based on assumptions as Disney downsized restaurants as theyassume that Europeans do not take breakfast yet in real sense they ate. If Disney, instead ofdeciding to make an assumption to base their operations, carried out research and triedunderstanding their preferences, it would fix those issues even before the theme park waslaunched, increasing consumer satisfaction.Brainstorm-How Disney have resolved the issuesDisney could have resolved the issue of operational errors by finding out more aboutFrance and not assuming that France is the same as America. It would not have faced thecomplications if it had researched more about France and its people, maybe through surveys,questionnaires, online, or other means. A move by any organization to establish itself in a newmarket or place should not be created without in-depth or extensive study into each applicablefeature of the novel nation, which involves the culture, laws, climate, lifestyle, food habits,interests, and many more (Lee, 2019). This could have increased the success chances of Disney.Disney had a poor performance in the beginning as a result of a lack of knowledge ofFrench preferences and culture. It would not have made assumptions based on past experiencesbut based on facts. The staffing and training mistake which occurred because the company wastoo quick in recruiting, employing, and training workers could be resolved through properplanning. The company could have enough time for each of the activities. It was not able to trainEURO DISNEYLAND CASE STUDY4all the workers after hiring them, which led to unqualified personnel. If they had been trainedenough, the results would have turned out to be different.As per the requirements and demand of clients, Disney could have allowed somealcoholic drinks in France and offered some European food. The company would have resolvedthe issue via understanding the French culture. The culture views activities such as drinking,smoking, and eating. The French people are much tolerant of smoking cigarettes and the toomuch emphasizing of Disney of the no-smoking policy made both consumers and workersunhappy. The company also did not serve wine in their good restaurants, which upset severalpatrons as it was anticipated for a costly eatery to cater to the cultural custom of wine drinking.As well, things such as Coke-A-Cola with ice were viewed as unfamiliar and exotic to theculture of the French. For the company to keep and enlarge its consumer audience, they couldhave paid much attention to the satisfaction of their customers, giving novel services and findinga suitable way of implementing a culture that the people are used to (Lee, 2019).Implement- The alternative that would work bestOf the alternatives, the best solution that would work is finding more about the culture orthe way of living of the people of the new market. This is because to know what to provide to anew market depends on what the people of the new market like. It is difficult to sell a product topeople without knowing if they like it or not. People purchase what they like (Patel, 2018).Therefore researching more about a market is necessary for the prosperity of any company.Review- lessons the company should have learned about how to deal with cultural issueswhen expandingThere are some steps that any organization should put into consideration prior to enteringa novel market so as to flourish. Unfortunately, for Disney, the footsteps were not followed, butEURO DISNEYLAND CASE STUDY5Disney tried forcing the entry of its product and expected it to be easy money. The lessons arehence for Disney as well as other organizations that want to be successful.One of the first and most important steps are is market analysis and market research that acompany has to conduct prior to entering into a novel market. Every nation or city in the globehas its personal culture, individualism and it is vital for establishments to grow their culture andthe individuals they will deal with (Lee, 2019). Disney did not have accurate data on Frenchculture or the preferences of the French people.The second step is th…



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