(Mt) – FIU Management Ethical Issues in Businesses Essay

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Word count is 3000 +/- 10% (excludes reference and abstract) Essay Question Select a challenge or problem in business ethics that interests you and conduct a critical inquiry of the topic using relevant literature. PART I: Title Page (0%) You may create your own title page however the following information must be included for administrative purposes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Title of your essay: Abstract (200words) Student Name: Student ID: Class: Institution: Word count: PART II: Introduction (2 %) Introduction must include the research questions, motivation, interest and context 1. Given business ethics is a broad topic, in your introduction, provide an overview of the field of business ethics. 2. Choose a challenge that is of interest to you. 3. Articulate the problem (s) or challenge (s) that will provide a focus for your essay. 4. Create a clear question or set of questions underpinning your essay critical inquiry? N.B. Are your questions interesting and relevant questions? Clearly state why your topic matters and questions are important. PART III: Literature Review (15%) Your literature review will be linked to the above section. It will make up the largest component of your essay. The following questions, comments and instructions will assist you. You must read them. • What type of literature review am I conducting? We are interested in your reviews of relevant studies and the theories that the researchers have used. We are also interested in the types of methodologies and methods that the researchers/authors of the study have used. • • • • • • • What is the scope of my literature review? We are interested in the types of publications that you are sourcing and where the research and results were published (e.g., academic journals, books, government documents, media)? Please carefully select your literature to ensure the sources are credible and reliable. What discipline am I working in or is it interdisciplinary? We are keen to see if you can explain the discipline or if the studies are interdisciplinary, what this means for the study process, results and audience. Has my search for sources been wide enough to ensure that I have found all the relevant material? We look at the reference list first, so this is important. Has it been narrow enough to exclude irrelevant material? Is the number of quality sources used appropriate for the length of my essay (on average for a 3000 word essay, there would be no less than 10 quality references (academic journal articles). If you are using a mix of books, and media, theses would be additional). Ask yourself whether you have critically analysed the literature. This involves moving beyond just listing and summarizing resources. Assess them, discussing strengths and weaknesses. Compare and contrast the arguments in each of the main journal articles. To move outside your own worldview and to challenge it, we encourage you to cite and discuss studies contrary to your own perspective. PART IV: Discussion (10% ) Discussion of insights from your literature review – this build on the previous section 1. Identify key insights of your literature review. 1. Explain why they are important. 2. Does your essay present fresh perspectives? 3. Does your essay link theory (such as stakeholder theory) and practice in a way that sheds light on the present state of business ethics thinking and practice? PART V: Conclusion (3%) Conclusions and Contributions – summary 1. Do your conclusions and contributions stimulate thought and/or debate? 2. Discuss the implications of your essay to 0. Academia 1. Business stakeholders (managers, governance, employees) 2. Government/policy 3. Civil society (NGOs, consumers, citizens) PART VI: Reflections (2 %) Reflections only (approximately 200 words). 1. Overall, what do you consider to be the weakest points of your essay? 2. What would you say are the strongest points of your essay? 3. What is unique about your arguments and conclusions as articulated in your essay? 4. Can you identify specific areas that need revision and or expansion? PART VII: Structure and Grammar (3%) This is important component of an essay or any written work (email). To understand the argument and insights your writing must be presented using correct grammar and logically structured. The reader should not need to do this work. 1. Is the material written concisely and clearly? 2. Does each paragraph address a single idea / argument? Is the key idea at the beginning of the paragraph (topic sentence)? Does the rest of the paragraph explain the key ideas and present evidence to support/defend the key idea? 3. Is writing free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors so that the reader easily follows what they have written without having to pause routinely for interpretation?



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