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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1Report WritingSelect any publicly listed Saudi Company that operates in GCC (Gulf CooperationCouncil ), and write (of 1500 word) report covering the following points:1.Present the study report with clear Introduction and Conclusion including yourown views.2.(Count words: 400,)Using SWOT analysis, analyze the external and internal environment of yourselected company.(Count words: 700,)Strengths: Explain the strengths of the selected company;Weaknesses: Describe the areas of weakness in the company’s operations;Opportunities: Examine factors that may improve the company’s chances of success;Threats: Discuss the external threats to the business company’s success.3.Analyze the political, economic, cultural and legal challenges the companycurrently faces in any of the country it operates (select one country in which the companyoperates for this analysis).(Count words: 400,)2Answer 1Saudi Basic Industries Cooperation is a public company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.It is one of the largest chemical companies worldwide that produce a variety of fertilizers,polymers and performance chemicals and steel products. It is ranked as one of the bestamong ten petrochemical firms globally. Saudi Basic Industries Cooperation is viewedand considered by several magazines as the fifth most prominent petrochemicalorganization. In contrast, others, such as Simba financial group, are ranked as the sixthmost prominent petrochemical firm globally.The firm has succeeded in its mission due to its ability to put objectives as apriority. The company’s approach comprises improving ad boosting its productivity byensuring that it retains exceptional quality and high technical standards. Moreover, theorganization is committed to developing its marketing strategies to make its resourcesperform appropriately in the petrochemical market. Saudi Basic Industries hasstrategically positioned its products in all the regions its functions.For instance, in 2008, the republic of China imported methanol from the Saudiprimary Industries Cooperation worth 2 billion dollars. This was roughly 14% of the totalmethanol manufactured by the firm in 2008. Although the firm is ranked among theleading petrochemical organizations worldwide and the primary petrochemical firm inAsia, nevertheless, it needs to set its products in its created markets and within the newregions the firm desires to penetrate (Al Rawashdeh, 2022)In the same way, based on the European markets, BASF has prospered in its questto create a more solid brand than Saudi Basic Industries Cooperation. Moreover, anotherpetrochemical firm whose products strive stiffly with the products of Saudi Basic3Industries company is the Dow Chemical firm. The company is observed and concludedas the second hugest petrochemical company worldwide. It is a company based in theUnited States that has created its functions in over 175 states. The company’s workforceestimates at over 46 000 (Sweidan, 2021). In addition, the organization has been able tooverlook the petrochemical market in the United States. For instance, SumitomoChemical, a company regarded as the 6th petrochemical firm worldwide with about 20000 employees, provides the products of Saudi Basic Industries Cooperation with stiffcompetition in the Asian markets (Sweidan, 2021)Answer 2SABIC should unveil proper awareness programs in the areas it functions in andnew markets it aims to penetrate. The firm should set aside a substantial amount of cashthat it intends to utilize in its brand marketing. The advertisements must involverenowned celebs to persuade the consumers that the products of Saudi Arabia BasicIndustries Cooperation are of high standards.Using Celebs in the advertisement turns out to be a psychological persuasion thatassists help consumers in distinguishing a firm’s products with outstanding quality (AlRawashdeh, 2022). For the firm to be more competent in penetrating new markets byovercoming cultural barriers, the film must expand to new areas through acquisitions andStraight Financial Investments.Through these processes, those individuals who live in the areas where thecompany opens their cooperations will tend to grow positive insights towards the firm’sproducts. Through this development, the organization will increase its performance as4more individuals prefer its yields over the available alternative products from rivalcompanies.Saudi Arabia’s Basic Industries Cooperation should embrace proper distributionchannels to raise its performance locally and in the …



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