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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.OUTLINE1OutlineStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationInstructor’s NameCourseDateOUTLINE2OutlineI.Introductiona. Title: Managing Organizational ChangeII.Corporate Visiona. This section set forth the vision of the organization and what it intends to achieve inthe long-term and the justification for the projectIII.Organizational Stakeholdersa. This section discussed the stakeholders that would be impacted by the planned changeagenda and how to win their commitment.IV.Corporate Changea. This section discussed the corporate change process, activities, and leadership thatwill be involvedV.Conclusion and ImplicationsVI.ReferencesPlease view explanation and answer below.I have made several changes in referencing, editing the language to highlight the measures of change. Please note that the question requires proposing an (one) organizational change (carpooling for stuff delivery). The change has several measures of change including increased revenue generation, low carbon emisions, creation of new demand, and reduced transport costs. These measures of change have been enhanced.Please view explanation and answer below.It’s okay. Changing headings is not a big deal- have a lookMANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGEManaging Organizational ChangeStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationInstructor’s NameCourseDate1MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE2Managing Organizational Change1.1 Organizational VisionOur corporate vision is to become the most reliable transfer platform for delivering your stuff topreferred destinations.We envision optimizing the transportation of stuff by providing a platform that will allow holidaygoers, business people in transit, and people from different backgrounds traveling to similardestinations to use one vehicle to transport their stuff, such as suitcases, merchandise, and otherbulky items. The business concept is very simple; I propose to make a change in our businessmodel by creating an algorithm that connects two or more users taking the same journey to shareluggage space allowing one driver to deliver the items. Depending on an individual’s itinerary, thechange I propose will enable users to pick up items or luggage from point A and deliver it to pointB at reduced cost and impact on the environment. The idea foresees any person possessing avehicle delivering anything without the involvement of a third-party transport company such asUPS or FedEx. The planned change algorithm’s objective is to create a carpooling capacity thatminimizes carbon emissions and the cost of transporting stuff from one destination to another. Thisoutcome will be one of the measures of the proposed change.Research by Mintel Luxury Travel UK 2021 revealed that 75% of respondents in the survey wouldlike to pack as many activities for their holidays as possible while minimizing potential adverseimpacts on the environment. In recent years, the social consciousness toward environmentalprotection has increased. Individuals would like to holiday and merry make without affecting theenvironment (Abu-Rayash & Dincer, 2020). Unfortunately, road transport has emerged as one ofthe greatest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. United Nations Framework Convention onClimate Change noted that gas emissions from vehicles cumulatively account for more than 20%of greenhouse gas emissions. BlaBla, a French company, estimated that carpooling could savemore than 1.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.The coronavirus pandemic limited public transport. Rather than focusing on optimizing logisticsonly, the change I propose will include items ranging from medical supplies, groceries, holidayingtents, and any item that our customers would like to move from one place to another. We leveragedour strengths in the group to develop the app that accomplishes this novel entrepreneurial goal.MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE3[Member 1] was responsible for designing and developing the algorithm prototype, and [Member2] provided financial workflows by generating prorate income and expenses schedule. Themarketing concept was developed by [Member 3], while general operational and logisticsoversight was provided by [Member 4]. The app allows for integrated carpooling with thepotential to take onboard cab companies such as Black cabs. We will partner with them by addingtheir driver profiles to the platform while charging them 10% of the commission.The business’s financial model envisions charging customers based on the distance and size of thetransported object. The changes I propose will take advantage of the low capital requirements forthe business to make pricing strategy highly competitive against potential competitors UPS andFedEx. We will charge 10% fees on all transactions as income a further £2 from drivers that willbe channeled to AXA insurance firm to cater for cases of lost or damaged items. More revenueswould be generated from in-app ads. The changes I propose will realize value from increasedefficiency that minimizes associated costs while opening additional revenue streams (WhelanBerry et al., 2010). The changes I propose will lead to reduced costs and optimized revenue streamsenabling us to mitigate ag…



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