(Mt) – MGMT 501 Baylor University Project Business Report Paper

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Coffee Company Business Details1Coffee Company Business DetailsName of StudentSchoolClassDateCoffee Company Business Details2Coffee Company Business DetailsIntroductionThe aim of this paper is to outline the details within the organizational structure of acoffee-based business that deals in delivery of coffee cups of different sizes and flavors, alongwith coffee mixes.Company Description1. Name of BusinessThe Sweet Mug coffee is a new company that aims to provide quality coffee cups indifferent sizes and flavors along with coffee mixes. The business also aims to do deliveryfrom door-to-door customers.2. Mission StatementSweet Mug Coffee: To create and promote natural, healthy, and great –tasting coffee. Inthe process of providing beverage services to the members of the community, the businessalso aims to provide less valued but high quality cups of coffee to people visiting the café andalso customers that require quick delivery services. In the long run, the business shall reducethe gap existing in the beverage market for coffee demand (Mirvis et al., 2010).3. Vision statementSweet Mug Coffee: the ultimate goal for the ABC coffee company is to become arenowned brand for quality coffee cups of different mixes and flavors. The business aims togive clients a whole new experience on coffee flavors while looking to expand around anethical and sound business environment of business (Mirvis et al., 2010).4. Legal OwnershipCoffee Company Business Details3This coffee shop is a small entity looking to start its ventures and gain a market surveysuitable for future analytical improvements. Since the company is beginning with only onefinancier and pioneer for the concept, making it a sole proprietorship would be suitable for thesimplest form of ownership. As a sole proprietor, the business will not require much of legaldocumentation, save for the licensing and taxation compliance legal frameworks that wouldbe fundamental for the business to thrive while observing legal procedures (Mariotti & Glackin,2007).For purposes of future improvement, the business may welcome new concepts andinvestors into the realm of the plan. This would benefit the company in organizationalexpansion and eventual extension of quality services and products. The business would alsogain from network of structures as work may be divided for optimal performance ofemployees.The legal identity of the coffee mugs retailer is well founded for in the supportingdocuments. The company will acquire a sole proprietor trading license from the beveragesdepartment after following apt procedures. The company will be known as the Sweet MugCoffee Outlet.5. Corporate Social Responsibility Plan•Ethical responsibility: The Sweet Mug Coffee Company aims to ensure that it isoperating in a fair and ethically-approvable standards. The company aims to embracefairness among possible investors, suppliers, employees and customers. The companywill ensure that raw materials and ingredients are sourced according to trade standards(Gazzola & Colombo, 2014).•Philanthropic responsibility: Besides being an ethically and environmentally activecompany, the Sweet Mug coffee company will look forward to giving back to thesociety in the long run. In addition to giving customers a variety of soothing andCoffee Company Business Details4sensational coffee mixes, the company looks to building a charity and support base forthe community (Gazzola & Colombo, 2014).•Environmental Responsibility: Sweet Mug Coffee Company aims to conserveenvironmental resources in the most efficient of ways. The business acknowledgesthat packaging materials and dumped waste materials are hazardous to the lifecyclepromoting healthy environments. The company aims to use optimally efficient andenvironmentally-friendly energy. The business hopes to aid the society and itsenvirons in maintaining a green environment while at the disposal of quality beverageproducts and pertinent services. The company aims to use clean water as a valuableresource while preserving the excess amount for later uses. The company aims toutilize single-use plastics for serving coffee products to the clients (Gazzola & Colombo,2014).•Economic responsibility: The Sweet Mug coffee company stakeholders shall gathersources of capital to help the business thrive and to achieve profit margins for thesustainability of the coffee company in general, along with creating dependablelivelihoods for employees. The company also looks to build a reputable brand throughquality provision of services so as to amass a remarkable market influence (Gazzola &Colombo, 2014).6. Code of ethics•Employees: All employees of the Sweet Mug Coffee sho…



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