(Mt) – MGMT 610 AMU International Ethics and Corporate Strategies Research

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1International Ethics and Corporate StrategiesGermain NelsonAmerican Military UniversityMGMT61012 Sep 20212International Ethics and Corporate StrategiesWith the concept of globalization and the reduced barriers to entering different marketsworldwide, organizations tend to expand their business operations to numerous regions. Hencethe companies are exposed to various cultures, customs, business strategies, and ethics. It isessential to observe the differences of the above-mentioned facts to successfully operate in aparticular market over a long time period. Even though a business’s traditional objective isconsidered profit maximization, later on, the experts realized that sustainability is mainlycompatible with shareholder wealth maximization. This process often focuses on increasing theorganization’s market value through many factors such as enhanced quality of the products,goodwill, and reputation. The key areas of creating a proper brand image and building reputationnever underestimate the importance of the organization’s corporate social responsibility (CSR)and ethical stance. A company would gain the opportunity to operate without creatingreputational damages while building loyalty and continuing the competitive positioning if italigns with the purpose and values of CSR and stakeholder demands (ElAlfy et al., 2020).Background of the CompanyBeing one of the most valuable brands in the world, American multinational companyApple Inc. has successfully expanded its operations into multiple regions by offering specializeddevices and online services. Initially, the company was established as a computer software andhardware company by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976 (Sanford, 2021).Currently, the product range offered by Apple. Inc has been diversified into computers, software,phones, I-Pads and iPods, Apple TVs, and many other online services. Even though there is hugecompetition in all the markets that the company operates, the loyalty of the consumers hascreated immense popularity for most of the products. Generally, Apple Inc. targets a limited3consumer base who seeks the quality of the products instead of the price. This has contributed tobuilding a strong brand image over the past few decades to compel the users of the other brandsto rethink before purchasing the same brand again.Ethical Theories and ConceptsThe ethical stance of a company can be identified as the extent of meeting the obligationsof the stakeholders. Adhikari & Matilal (2018) state that by embracing the ethic of careapproach, the short-term oriented profit-maximizing can be overcome, and it can be convertedinto a long-term regeneration of the community through maximizing the returns of theshareholders. Furthermore, they urge that providing monetary and non-monetary benefits to thecommunity is not adequate, and the companies need to take the responsibility to committhemselves to a continuous series of activities for the betterment of the community.Ethical FrameworksThe main three ethical frameworks that can address the organizational responses tomanage a specific disaster are virtue ethics, ethics of justice, and ethics of care. Thecommentators elaborate on the virtue ethics approach is changing the process of acting toward acrisis rather than adhering to the corporate codes. This process insists the managers and chiefoperating officers respond according to the situation by being sensitive. If there is a disastroussituation that needs the company to incur costs to than cost-cutting, the top management must notbe hesitant to accept the let-go concept to act according to the requirement. Ethics of justice ismentioned as the second approach that can be accepted by the managers and the otherresponsible officers to respond to a particular crisis situation. This approach ensures that therights of all the stakeholders are not violated by taking impartial judgments by prioritizingvarious groups of people. Equal importance needs to be provided to every victim of the disaster.4The third approach is the ethic of care, and it implies building stronger relationships among thepeople by acknowledging the feelings during the crisis period to connect with their emotions.Adhikari & Matilal (2018) have mentioned that the third approach is considered the bestapproach as it addresses all the aspects of the care given to the victims.Ethical Leadership and Decision MakingThe leaders are the people who direct the company, and they can introduce the values andpurposes to the organization. When the organization has pre-define…



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