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Research Assignment Corporate Social Responsibility MGT 307 Spring 2022 Due May 6, 2022 What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Managers must consider how the products or services they provide affect both people and the environment. It is a given that companies must provide products and services that are innovative and appealing to the consumer, and efficient to produce or provide (as a service). However, today’s technologies allow consumers, communities, public interest groups and regulators to be well informed about all aspects of a firm’s performance. As a direct result, all stakeholders can have a strong view about firms that fail to respect the environment or that engage in unethical conduct. Many companies now realize that “doing what’s right” and doing it properly can be beneficial to all its stakeholders and maintain or increase their margin rates (i.e., profitability). Companies that practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) introduce polices that consider environmental, societal and financial impacts in their decision making. As managers consider approaches to CSR, they find it helpful to consider the concept of creating shared value. Shared value suggests finding policies and practices that enhance the firm’s competitiveness while simultaneously advancing the social and/or economic conditions in the communities in which they operate. For example, Tesla, Toyota, Nissan and now Ford and GM find shared value in low-emission vehicles…. vehicles that increase their competitiveness world-wide, while meeting society’s interest in low emission vehicles. Operations functions – from supply chain management to product design, to production, quality assurance, packaging and logistics, provide an opportunity for finding shared value while meeting CSR goals. Research Assignment- Select a public or privately-owned company that has demonstrated either a positive CSR approach or a negative approach to social responsibility. YOU MUST EMAIL THE COMPANY YOU WILL RESEARCH BY SUNDAY March 6, 2022 Format of Research Assignment and Presentation: (1) Written Report Format: Times New Roman, 12 Pt font, double-spaced, references – use APA Format, no more than 6 pages Research Assignment Format • Page 1 – Title Page with name, topic, class (MGT 307), Spring 2022 • Page 2 – One to two paragraph Page summary of your report • Pages 3 and page 4 – Company background and Markets • • Describe the company’s organization (ex: CEO, President, Board of Directors, etc…), to include divisions, etc… • Products/Services (what do they produce or service they provide) • Technologies (what market niche are they in) • Advertising and Marketing Philosophy • Markets • Who are their competitors? • How have they structured their organization to compete with companies in their market space? • How does the marketing philosophy aid in meeting the competition or CSR? Page 5 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) • Identify where the company has succeeded or failed in their corporate responsibilities to society. • Provide specific examples and the affects either to the firm, its image, its competitors or the environment • Page 6 – Conclusion/Assessment • Based on the history of the company, and their track record of responsible or irresponsible behavior how do you think the company will perform in the future? Grading Rubric Content Title Page Company background to include structure, products and technologies Market and competitors Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conclusions Organization & Format Total Possible 5 20 15 20 30 10 100 Earned Comments



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