(Mt) – MGT 322 Saudi Electronic University Logistics Management Paper

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Please view explanation and answer below.ManagementManagementStudent’s NameInstitution AffiliationDate2ManagementExecutive summaryThe logistics performance priorities refer to the objectives that need to be achieved sothat the supply chain may function successfully. It may also be defined as achievements ofoutcomes such as improved customer connections and service and higher revenue. Otherlogistics performance priorities goals are effectiveness, efficiency, and technology development.Supply chain, logistics, production, and transportation organizations are experiencing a period ofrapid and phenomenal change (Chan & Shi, 2008). Hence the future of these organizations isdefined by technology and innovations.Administration and planning of all operations related to conversion, outsourcing, andother areas of logistics management are among the responsibilities of supply chain management.This also includes coordination and collaboration with other parties such as intermediaries,suppliers, and third-party organizations. Supply chain management, in business words, is definedas the process of integration of supply and demand management across and within companies.Besides, logistics management entails an area of a process of supply chain management that isresponsible for planning, implementing, and controlling the flow of products and services (Dey,2020). This is also responsible for information on the original destination of products andservices to meet the needs and demands of the customers. Therefore, this is an area in supplychain management called logistics management.Consequently, the performance priorities for logistics management are of greatsignificance to establish performance priorities for logistics in all areas of supply chainmanagement. It is also important to realize particular objectives called logistics performancepriorities so that the supply chain may work properly. A logistician is an individual who is3Managementresponsible for organizing the transfer of products from ona place to another. Therefore, it is theresponsibility of the enterprise to manage the supply chain and not the supply chain to managethe enterprise. Logistics management is also referred to as material management and is also asubject of business administration that deals with the movement of products and materials fromone place to another (Velea & Lache, 2015). It also organizes actions to attain a set level ofservice delivery at the lowest cost possible.Finally, the supply chain management comprises producers and distributors who enterinto collaboration to manufacture and distribute goods and ensure they are transported to thefinal destination through the supply chain. Consequently, during this logistics managementprocess, raw materials are processed and converted into finished products under the supervisionof qualified personnel (Dey, 2020). Lastly, supply chain management focuses more on managingthe movements of goods and services from one area to another; hence there is a need to havebetter-skilled personnel to enhance the process.Background informationAlbaik is a fast-food company located in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah. Theorganization was started in 1974 by Shakour to set up a company that would fill the gap in themarket caused by the need for affordable and quality food. Besides, the food needed to be servedmore courteously and fast in a clean, neat, and conducive environment. The albaik was the firstorganization to offer deep-fried chicken with a more tantalizing spice blend produced usingunique equipment in Saudi Arabia (Chan & Shi, 2008). This was successful after paying for anexclusive license from an organization abroad. Additionally, the company offers chicken,seafood, beverages, desserts, and side orders, among many others. Albaik Company has4Managementemployed about five thousand employees in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has alsomanaged to offer unique foods effective and efficient services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,and this has made the company enjoy its existence in the region for many years.Besides, the doors of the first Albaik Company were opened to its customers in 1990 andlocated in Mecca. The albaik company start…



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