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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.There it is1Logistics and Supply Chain Management Concepts/tools Al TazajStudent’s NameInstitution AffiliationInstructor’s NameCourse NameDate2Executive SummaryAl Tazaj fast food restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia has improved its food and customerservice during this coronavirus pandemic. Al Tazaj restaurant tends to have some choices availableto the firm’s management team in a trial to satisfy the restaurant’s clients and enhance their foodstuffand services (French, 2013). Al Tazaj restaurant chain tends to put customer-centric supply chains atthe forefront of ensuring that distributors, manufacturers, and shareholders give quality service tocustomers. Sustaining and balancing the inflated costs on the earlier product and controlling thesupply chain is one of the most critical challenges firms face. In addition, to achieve Al Tazaj’sobjectives, supply chain management procedures like production and customer league will getutilized to boost the restaurant’s processes. Al Tazaj fast food restaurant chain has functioned withcustomary customers and retailers to enhance their exercises and systems to strengthen their servicequality, reduce expenses and amplify discernibility. Establishing and effective supply chainintelligence infrastructures require to achieve from distinct joint endeavors.Al Tazaj keeps on growing with the aid of two levers of process improvements andtechnology development in tracking, boosted control systems and information technologyformulations such as cloud platforms to lease befitting customer service and lesser prices.Nevertheless, Al Tazaj has wholly determined the advantages of the innovations and is focusing on atime of constant growth in its operations. This restaurant utilizes performance management as atechnique to ascertain that they attain the most of their firm strategy (Kain & Verma, 2018). Theequipment includes closed-loop analytic procedures, functional data, technology aid, and financialmanagement. These devices assist the food restaurant in establishing, measuring, and controlling itsperformance concerning strategic missions. Company performance management happens to be aperformance management technique branch and a decisive approach to escalate the firm’sperformance.Additionally, Al Tazaj logistic management makes sure that a network executes, manages,controls, and determines the transfer of foodstuff and information linked with the beginning point3and utilization mark to meet the consumer’s needs. Devising the board of various exercises linked torethinking modification and all the associations of the processes all happen to occur in stockarrangement management in Al Tazaj fast-food restaurant chain (Basu & Wright, 2010). Thisrestaurant’s logistics management includes coordinating and engaging with distinct social gatheringssuch as suppliers, intermediaries, and outsiders. Consequently, the Al Tazaj restaurant chain needs tocreate performance measures that guarantee expertise and effectiveness. This measure plays asignificant role in re-educating workers via compatible learning and development.Background InformationAl Tazaj happens to be a BBQ Chicken Arabic fast food restaurant chain whose headquartersare in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This fast-food chain has existence in numerous nations in the MiddleEast. Al Tazaj restaurant serves insubstantial meals such as rice, kofta, chicken wings, koftasandwiches, whole chicken, and minimal local meals based on the nation (French, 2013). Therestaurant’s specialty tends to be a wood charcoal-grilled chicken that is butterflied and marinated inlime sauce and garlic. In addition, the restaurant’s whole or half chicken gets served with rice andfreshly baked pita bread or corn on the cob. Saudi meals chicken versions also get served in SaudiArabia, and they entail Chicken Kabsa and Chicken Mandi. There are many locations of the foodrestaurant chain, primarily in Saudi Arabia together with the United Arab Emirates. Some of theserestaurants tend to be located in Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon,Malaysia, Oman, and Iraq. The first food chain restaurant in the Americas, named TAZA gotlaunched in Chicago, Illinois, in the U.S in 1996 (French, 2013).Al Tazaj food chain restaurant tends to utilize well-established new technology imminentsystem devices to achieve its goals, resulting in a competitive environment with other food restaurantchains. Consequently, Al Tazaj tends to be very good at dealing with the constraints and trials tokeep on with its competitors (Kain & Verma, 2018). This food chain focuses on preparing meals likerice, kofta, chicken wings, kofta sandwiches, and whole chicken. Al Tazaj also offers affordablemeals and allows its clients to purchase their food products online freely. In addition, the food4restaurant monitors its production to make sure that Al Tazaj is functioning efficiently andappropriately to meet its goals and visions.Consequently, the fast-food restaurant deploys vital supplication processing and uses gameplans that give the tools required to simplify difficult tasks. This device also helps limit orderrestoring connections. The lean stock notion is defined by the associations that give what is requiredrather than the recent consumer interest beings set in stone. The absolute goal is to decrease thestorage space and stock costs while boosting the growth procedure. Al Tazaj fast food restaurantchain mainly deploys certain freight controlling techniques that encompass distinct devices andprocesses for controlling certain meals (Kain & Verma, 2018). Al Tazaj also ensures that all therestaurant’s missions are accomplished by deploying the analysis and reporting individuals whoevaluate the food chain’s feedback on strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. In addition, itis important to identify issues in the restaurant and amend them for the effective running of Al Tazaj.Problem DescriptionAl Tazaj fast food restaurant requires an effective marketing strategy for its operation. Thisrestaurant is one of the most affected in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Al Tazaj, a foodrestaurant chain, focuses on fighting for its customers since, in slower economic times, clients preferto dine with their families, which makes restaurants lose their clients (Christopher, 2016). This fastfood restaurant chain has adjusted to the new favorable techniques that have ascertained that theirclients are not deprived. Brand building techniques, advertising alternatives, and health competitionsare mainly some of the advantages utilized by the restaurant.Al Tazaj fast food’s main mission is to identify and research the target market. Al Tazajappeals to a particular group like rice, kofta, chicken wings, kofta sandwiches, and a whole chickenin Saudi Arabia (Al-Zahrani & Hasan, 2008). Discerning the basics of the client happens to be themost vital task to know because it permits consumers to obtain and acquire what they need anytimethey require the food products. Inaugurating an efficient marketing strategy requires the restaurant todiscern its target clients. It is crucial to study things such as the consumer necessities, money to5spend for dinners, and why they decide to eat away from their home (Bhuian, 2000). Consequently,coordination and execution of necessities require to get met for fast food restaurants to workeffectively. Al Tazaj has numerous restaurant goals: company links, enhancing client arrangement,substantial sales and usefulness, inventiveness advancement, and feasibility.Additionally, Al Tazaj fast food restaurant chain logistic management makes sure that anetwork executes, maintains, and controls the food products (Basu & Wright, 2010). This restauranttends to have inaugurated marketing and promotion events that assist in creating awareness of therestaurant’s foodstuff. Al Tazaj restaurant permits its employees and servers to give menus andcoupons in the lobby areas and rooms before the coronavirus pandemic. Also, with the numerousCOVID-19 pandemic issues in the universe, online marketing tends to emerge to be a segment of AlTazaj food restaurants. Frequent clients have decided to keep on ordering and purchasing their foodonline as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, Al Tazaj restaurant tends to deploy giftcards as a marketing technique. The restaurant’s certificate happens to get purchased by clients forother clients to visit the food chain (Al-Zahrani & Hasan, 2008). Al Tazaj’s food restaurant alsogives entrée samples in high-…



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