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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Surname 1Student’s NameProfessor’s NameCourse NumberDate of submissionAmazon OutlineIn the following paper, I have a comprehensive analysis of the Amazon.comorganization. It is a paper that has been divided into several sections. Each section comprises theanswer to every question asked from the instructions. Further elaborations and evaluations havebeen made with the aim of satisfying the answer to every question. Academic knowledge hasalso been taken into consideration during the preparation of the given report.1Business ManagementStudents NameInstitutional AffiliationInstructors NameCourseDate2AmazonOrganization’s current positionAmazon.com has been a worldwide customer service platform for more than two decades.The original vision that Jeff Bezos wished to share with the world was to establish an onlineshopping platform that book lovers would enjoy. After its launch, Amazon connected a largegroup of book lovers around the world with their favorite book stores in that it delivered books tothe doorsteps of the customers. The simplicity in the customer use also promoted the platform’ssuccess in its early years; all a person had to do was select the book they wished to buy, and itwould be delivered to them within 30 days. Seeing its success after its establishment in 1995 inthat the retailer and customer relationship was a success, amazon.com started serving moreentities, the actual enterprises creating products, the sellers, consumers or customers, and contentcreators as well (Al Imran, 2014). Being the first of its kind, a company that enabled retailenterprises to sell their products over the internet, Amazon made tremendous strides in thebusiness world. Through the use of management information systems, the company has sincethen transformed into one of the most dominant internet retail organizations.Computers have been normalized an incorporated in almost every aspect of our lives, even insmall home settings. There are, therefore, rarely any organizations that do not immensely benchon computer systems and software. The level of online business taking place in organizationssuch as Amazon.com have these IT systems majorly supporting the functions of theirmanagement information system. The Managerial information systems have been identified as anessential tool in any form of an establishment providing important managerial insights on theorganization’s levels (O’Brien, 2009). The information systems at Amazon.com use their3information technology system in the processes of management control, planning, andadministrative decision-making.The Information Systems are very useful in the decision made in the company as it relaysupdated accurate information required by the IT systems. These systems are very advantageousin that they decipher the importance of the information, operational value, and the distributionroute of the said information (Halawi et al., 2018). Communication systems in Amazon allow forthe company to delegate these IT programs to the dealers and private retailers that supply themwith products to catalog on the websites; the communication system used by Amazon was froman agreement with Excelon, which provided them with business-to-business systems. Throughthe deployment of applications such as Marketplace and Advantage, Amazon’s functions haveretained the heist position in the retail internet market.Strategic IntentIn 2000 Amazon renovated its information systems and spent $200 million on the systemsthey got at the time (Al Imran, 2014). The systems included system analysis software andlogistics systems that based the operation in Amazon.com on customer relationship management.The system /procedure collects information on the customers and the searches they do on theapplication through data mining. Therefore as long as one is on the application, whether they buysomething or not, the…



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