(Mt) – MGT 401 Saudi Electronic University Strategic Management Case Discussion

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1Assignment 3Student’s NameCourse Name and NumberDate2Assignment 3part aqn1The offered question is an open-ended one that can elicit a variety of responses. There areseveral claims that various forms of control, especially a large quantity of it, might stifle creativeurges. The main point of contention is that a person’s mind must be free of any restraints in orderto be creative and generate new original ideas. Various studies and data from advertising firmsreveal that companies that value creativity lowers the amount of restricting tactics they employ.Constraints and control are, however, not overlooked in this organization. Google is an exampleof a firm that encourages innovation while maintaining tight control over its employees(Kretschmer et al., 2022). As a result, just though someone is talented doesn’t mean they can’t becontrolled or evaluated. Management does not foster innovation, but it really does disciplineone’s potential to be such.On the other hand, innovation may be inhibited if the corporate culture is strong and selfguided regulations are in place. Restrictions and creativity don’t always mix since creativitydemands flexibility and freedom, which constraints would limit or distract from. It would befantastic if a reward were provided for reaching a benchmark or being creative if there wererules. Data gathering on intermediate tasks and how people are expected to dress in anorganization are eased constraints. Rather than the process itself, the end effects of operations aregiven top priority in such companies.On the other hand, control and discipline are equally crucial in a company. This keeps anorganization’s efforts on track and keeps personnel focused on the organization’s core goals andstrategy. Control and strategic restrictions can also establish the organization’s ideals and norms.If the restaurants are appropriately used, control and creativity can coexist. Employees3designated to generate visual aids or write, for example, are the ones who are creative in anadvertising organization (Wilford, 2020). Deadlines, word limits, and the project’s theme can allbe used as constraints.Nevertheless, preventing someone from thinking outside the box and designing theproject using their ideas can limit the person’s creativity and the project’s overall success. Inaddition to the invention, discipline is essential for a project’s success. On the other hand,professionals enforce a strict code of conduct on themselves. Administrators who try to interferewith the creative process may destroy it. As a result, restrictions and creativity can coexist, butmanagers must know which ones to employ.qn2A differentiation strategy comprises developing a product or service that stands outamong competitors. A person who leads a company unit through a diversification strategy mustbe innovative and organizational and possess portfolio management skills, innovation capacity,self-control, and corporate strategy management experience. Because cost leadership demandsgenerating different items that adversaries lack, these are the people who should be able to thinkoutside of the box. T…



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