(Mt) – MGT 402 SEU Shopping Business Plan Paper

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Please view explanation and answer below.SHOPPINESS BUSINESS PLANI. Executive SummaryIn this current era, when we have the benefit of technology, practically whatever we want to do inlife can be done with a single click on our phones. This is why even shopping is made moreconvenient. Instead of going to the mall, being exposed to the scorching sun along the way, and thenhaving your patience tested while waiting in line to pay for your purchases at the cashier, we cannow simply grab our phones, scroll through an online shopping platform for the items we want tobuy, click check out, and then wait for the parcel to arrive right at our doorsteps.The proliferation of online consumers grows every year as network connectivity and use spreadsaround the world. Over two billion people will have purchased products or services online by 2020,with global e-commerce revenues exceeding 4.2 trillion dollars (Coppola, 2022). Moreover, during theCOVID-19 crisis, the digital economy boomed (Fryer, 2021). People resorted to online shopping ingreater numbers than ever before because of the pandemic. In line with market trends and leveragingthe COVID-19 circumstance where people are stuck in their houses, Shoppiness will be established,acting as a mediating platform, striving to give consumers an avenue where they can sell productsand/or shop at their convenience. It has a good rooting, and it will be a good aid in the continuouspursuit of everyone to ease our everyday lives.II. Business Descriptiona. Products / Services OfferedShoppiness will offer a variety of services to buyers, including the ability to easily navigate thesite/app and access a variety of features that can assist them in having a simple online shoppingexperience, such as allowing them to access various information about a product they are interestedin, as well as delivery and chat services. On the other hand, for sellers, it will allow them to delegatethe processing and sale of their products to the platform by themselves. This means they havecomplete discretion over what they sell and what information they supply, as long as it does notviolate Shopiness’ policies.b. Mission StatementShoppiness’ mission statement will be: “To enable people to shop to their hearts’ content at theirconvenience.”c. IndustryShoppiness will fall within the e-commerce industry, as it involves the purchase and sale of items, aswell as the transmission of payments or information, over an online platform.d. Business Goals and ObjectivesShoppiness’ main goal is to provide consumers with convenience, ease, and customisation inshopping by allowing them to buy and sell items over the Internet.e. Business Models – Revenue and Payment ModelsShoppiness will operate on a C2C business model, enabling a trading environment in which oneconsumer buys items from another customer through the use of the third-party platform. And thus,earning money through transaction or listing fees and gain from self-propelled expansion by drivenproducers and consumers.III. Marketinga. Market Analysis / Market ForecastShoppiness is on the right track. It compliments findings on the standing of the e-commerceindustry’s market forecast stating that targeting online customers shows a positive trend, as continualtechnical advancements imply increased use of devices and the internet, providing an avenue for thee-commerce industry to keep up with the times.b. Target MarketsIt will be directed toward online users of all ages from throughout the world, regardless of thedemographics. A wide range of targets may yield positive results because it implies that a largenumber of people may be interested in the platform.c. Marketing StrategyShoppiness will consider the four Ps of marketing—product, price, place, and promotion—toguarantee that …



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