(Mt) – MGT 422 SEU Business Ethics and Organization Social Responsibility Worksheet

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1Autodesk Inc and Brambles LtdNameInstitutionCourseInstructor’s NameDue Date2Autodesk Inc and Brambles LtdIntroduction.Founded in 1982, Autodesk Inc is an American software company specializing in engineering,architecture, and media, among other industries’ software products and services. The company’smain objective is to produce products that enable individuals to live their ideas before they arerevealed. The company achieves this by helping people imagine, design, and build a world oftheir choice. It presents software solutions that enable people to work without constraints. Withanother significant sustainability objective, the company uses a unique approach that pulls all therelevant stakeholders to employ set practices to promote social and environmental responsibility.With revenue of over 100 billion dollars, Autodesk is a fast developing company, having risen tothe third position with an overall score of A in G100 2022.On the other hand, Brambles Ltd is an Australian company that focuses on pooling crates,containers, and equipments that are unit-load and pallets. Founded in 1875 in Newcastle,Australia, the company has gradually expanded, reaching revenue of over 3 million dollars.Currently headquartered in Sydney, Australia, it is one of the companies listed on the Australiansecurities exchange. The company’s main objective is to reach zero environmental harm througha reduction in deforestation and develop ways to protect, restore, and promote efficient andvaluable use of forests. Brambles employ a circular business model specializing in the reuse andsharing of a big pool of containers and pallets; this model ensures minimum harm to theenvironment during operations. With an invisible global supply chain network, Brambles focuseson fast-moving goods, perishable produce, beverages retail, and manufacturing sectors. Thecompany maintains the social responsibility of advocating for a sustainable future.3Key StakeholdersAutodesk Inc involves three main stakeholders. These are investors, customers, and employees.The company’s primary customers are various industries that employ software technology intheir production process. These include engineering, media, entertainment, and architecture.At Autodesk, customers play an essential role in social responsibility. For instance,according to Sánchez‐Torné (2020), in architecture and engineering, the building andconstruction sector is responsible for over 39% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, which isconsiderably high. The industry is also associated with significant waste. Customers havepartnered with the company to produce enhanced work tools that ease the aspect of energymanagement. Investors influence the element of social responsibility through funding to facilitatethe implementation of the set strategies.Following the fact that Autodesk company breeds employees from different culturalgroups across other countries, employees develop social responsibility by sharing ideas andrespect for diversity. Moreover employees have a goal of marketing the company throughpositive advocation on the aspect of corporate social responsibility. This includes teaching thecommunity on the importance of adapting to green energy and volunteer work in communityprojects. The employees have a duty of innovation feasible procedures that favour sustainabilitynot only in the environment but also community. In this connection, employees can be viewed asthe main drivers of corporate social responsibity in an organization.The main stakeholders at Brambles include the employees, investors, customers,government regulatory bodies, and suppliers. The customers have a formal engagement withgroups such as ELT, which is a sustainability working group. The company accepts investor-4driven external evaluations that the sustainability team manages (Latapí Agudelo et al., 2019).The employees at Brambles play an essential in the aspect of social responsibility since theycreate the Brambles sustainability team that responds to the raised sustainability issues throughprocessed and published content. The suppliers push for general sustainability programs as thecompact tries to meet the suppliers’ wants by understanding the products’ environmental impact.As far as the stakeholders are concerned, both companies uphold the aspect of socialresponsibility. From environmental conservation to diversity worldwide, social responsibility canbe viewed as a tool that initiates typical general growth.CSR Report Analysis.In both countries, corporate social responsibility has been set as one of the main objectives.Autodesk Company…



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