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SEU Discussion Guidelines.pdf X Х Discussion Guidelines Netiquette In this course, everyone has the right to feel safe. No one has the right to threaten, harass, or demean others in the class. Everyone must maintain a professional demeanor. This includes addressing others in a respectful manner and listening without interruption, identifying and understanding multiple sides of an issue, and analyzing and critiquing ideas as opposed to the people presenting those ideas. Substance A substantive post consists of a well-thought-out response to the question or prompt. It should respond to the prompt in a way that clearly supports a position, begins a new line of thought, or somehow adds to the discussion by critically reflecting on what is being discussed or moving the discussion in a related direction. Replies to classmates’ posts should likewise be substantive. Simple replies like, “I agree, your point was well taken” or “I understand your point of view,” general comments on the quality of the original post, or simply restating the idea of the person you are responding to do NOT qualify as substantive posts. In addition to being substantive, it is important to recognize that although this is a “discussion,” certain linguistic conventions are not appropriate in written form. As our discussion takes place in a written format, it is expected that you will take time to formulate your ideas, organize them, and compose them in the formal style you would use in a term paper. References While your opinions do not need to be cited, they do need to be backed up with evidence. It is important to refer back to the textbook, articles, activities, other course content, or additional research using scholarly works to support your position or idea. All sources should be cited according to APA style: material needing citation should be marked with parenthetical citations in the body of your response and bibliographic entries should be entered after the body of the response (the one exception to this is required course materials. These do not need full citations after the body of the response). Discussion Tips Respond in a timely manner. Timely posts are an important element of a good online learning community. Although posts may be due in the middle of the week and responses at the end, please try to post as soon as possible. The more dialogue that is generated in the discussion, the more opportunity there will be for others to engage in a dynamic online learning community. It is a good practice to create your post in Microsoft Word, review it, run spell check, and then cut and paste it into the discussion topic. Remember that your classmates will be drawing their impressions of you from your posts, so they should be professional and scholarly. a 2011 1482 الجامعة السعودية الالكترونية Saudi Electronic University



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