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Attached.Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS OF PEPSICOOrganizational Analysis of PepsiCoNameInstitution1ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS OF PEPSICO2ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS OF PEPSICOIntroductionGlobally, we have various types of businesses and organizations that help in running theeconomy, employing people, among other things. One of those organizations is PepsiCo Inc.,which has managed to survive over the years and is still high ranking within the globe. Theirmain focus is one beverage and food, which is something that people are dependent on. Theorganization was started in 1965 after the Pepsi cola and Frito-Lay merged. If we were to go wayback, the first Pepsi was generated in 1893 by a Caleb Bradham, and now it has managed tospread throughout the globe. They have established supply in around 200 countries worldwideand are open to more expansions in the future. The organization contains around 22 brands, andeach is estimated to generate around $1 billion annually. Therefore, they have managed tomaintain their multinational status while benefiting so many people around the globe. Theirheadquarters are found in New York, and they have a total of six divisions within the company.Over the years, they have managed to get competition from various companies, but one of theirmost competitive companies is the Coca-Cola franchise. The two have been competing for thetop beverage company position for years (Brennan, R. 2018). Unfortunately, the PepsiCoorganization manages to maintain the second position after Coca-Cola in most years. Accordingto PepsiCo, their products are consumed by their customers over 1 billion times a day. They alsohave an average of 267000 on a global level. In 2018, it was ranked as the third-largest food andbeverage industry in the world by Forbes. In 2019, Forbes did rank it as the 29th most valuablebrand globally. Some of their drinks like the mountain dew, Pepsi, Gatorade, and Aquafina rankas the most drank beverages in the United States. They had an average revenue of $ 64.7 billionin 2018, whereby the foods contributed for the 56% of it and the rest was from the beverages.ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS OF PEPSICO3Every day as they are working to give the best to their customers, the organization is also makingacquisitions that are improving the company. Over the years, they have managed to remain a topcompany and one that is recognizable worldwide.Organizational StrategyOver time there has been the emergence of so many organizations, but at the same time,not all manage to grow and develop. How they continue growing is dependent on the kind ofstrategies that are put in place by the organization. PepsiCo has been in business since it startedin 1965, and even today, 55 years later, they have managed to have global coverage. In thebeginning, they joined the Pepsi drink and the Frito-lays, but now they have diversified in theproducts that they offer to their customers. When we describe a strategy, it refers to the blueprintthat every organization uses so that they can propel their objectives and achieving their goals(Rajavi, K., Kushwaha, T., & Steenkamp, J. B. E. 2019). One of the strategies that are used bymost of the companies, including PepsiCo Inc., is the generic strategies by Porter. …



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