(Mt) – The Transportation of Passengers from One Point to Another Essay

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1Uber ManagementStudent’s NameUniversity AffiliationCourse Name and NumberProfessor’s nameDue Date2Uber ManagementExecutive summaryUber is a huge company that deals with the transportation of passengers from one pointto another. The company utilizes an application to help customers know the nearest uber cab,and they can see the cost of transport through the app. Uber hires independent contractors suchas drivers, thus easing the management. There is more to uber; it offers the ability to share theirtrip, split fare, multiple destinations, and scheduled rides. These features provide an excellentexperience for uber passengers and drivers (Schaller, 2018). With uber, one can request a tripany hour and is guaranteed a safe ride and competitive prices. The use of GPS to navigateroutes makes the app’s user experience real.Organizational profileUber was founded in 2009. A computer programmer thought of sharing transport costsand making it affordable. He created an application called a uber cab which later morphed intouber. The whole purpose of the project was to bring transparency to the transport sector whileutilizing technology as the bridge. The organizational structure of uber has been highlyhierarchical, with the co-founder being the ultimate leader despite his lack of leadership andmanagement skills. The results were bullying, discrimination at the workplace, and even sexualharassment(Schaller, 2018). When he resigned, Dara Khosrowshahi became the CEO and hadto implement some changes in the organization’s structure.There are three branches of leadership in the structure, the CEO being the ultimateleader. The first bunch has SVP of engineering, SVP Business, SVP policy and communication,and SVP leadership and strategy. The second bunch holds the head of uber everything, generalcounsel, and president of ridesharing (Shokoohyar, 2018). The final bunch has the chieffinancial officer, chief technology officer, chief legal officer, chief hr officer, chief product,3and chief of security. All these leaders answer to the ultimate CEO, and due to the distributionof power, the company has been able to gather better profits and customer trust.StrategiesFour strategies help businesses meet the competitive advantage. Based on the type ofbusiness, either of these strategies can make the market leader.•Cost leadership strategyCost leadership can be effective for companies that deal with the mass production ofcertain commodities. The idea is to lower the cost of the products and make more sales.With proper distribution channels and lower production costs, this strategy makes iteasy for an organization to take over the market. China has mastered this strategy. Itproduces extremely cheap products that anyone can afford, thus making more sales.•Differential leadership strategyThe strategy achieves market leadership by identifying a unique quality that can makethe company stand out. The company works on a unique product, and when people tastethe product and are convinced it’s of quality, they gain trust with the company. Thisstrategy can be harder to make effective because it takes time before people can trust abrand with quality. A lot of advertising and promotion is required to raise awareness.Companies like Apple have mastered this strategy to remain the business leaders in thetechnology world.•Cost focus strategyThis strategy is more like cost leadership, but the company only targets a specificmarket segment with its unique needs and wants. Companies utilizing the strategy finda potential region that can consume the product, and through price reduction, it can gaina competitive advantage in the area.•Differential focus strategy4Differential focus strategy deals with a specific market segment, and the driving forceis a unique value. With this strategy, the company can develop new unique productswith unique features to make the company stand out. The idea is to create a product thatis fully compatible with the target market. An example is some hotels in Egypt that areadults-only, and this way, people can be sure no children will be around to bother.The most relevant strategy for uber remains the differential focus. With the urge toimprove the application to provide unique and better features, uber will maintain itscompetitive advantage over the competitors. The company has taken this route and keepsreleasing updates on its application. They improve security, response, and the overall userexperience, thus making it easy for users to figure out rides. The developers keep innovatingnew features and testing on beta mode to see if the users will like them. If they are rejected, it’stime to go back to the drawing board and think of another strategy to beat the competition.Technology involvedUber cares about business continuity and customer trust. It has a set of secure systemsthat meet the job. Uber relies on a hybrid cloud model with several active data centers with amix of cloud providers to maintain uptime if one channel fails. A city is allocated the nearestdata center but backed up with a data center in another location. With the company expandingby the day, there is a need for more and better storage. At early stages, postgre was sufficient,but currently, the company uses Riak, Cassandra, and schemaless MySQL for the database(Min et al., 2019). For analytics and distributed storage, Hadoop warehouse. Redis is utilizedfor caching and queueing with the help of twemproxy, which provides scalability of the cachinglayer. The company uses service-oriented architecture to make service discovery and routing asuccess when routing data.Uber offers security for its user’s data through encryption and passwords at the end-userside. The app also offers a fast and efficient way to change your password to avoid being5hacked. Sourcing services from cloud facilities that are certified makes the data get the requiredsecurity too. Uber uses local and metropolitan area networks to locate the nearest driver, andthe time the driver will take to reach your destination (Min et al., 2019). You are also able tosee the exact location of the driver. The software that uber uses is developed by JavaScript andhas various capabilities, as discussed earlier. Uber makes use of the latest hardware componentssince it utilizes cloud-based technologies. This offers optimal performance and low downtimefor the company.Data managementData is a vital asset to every organization, and improper data handling can get acompany facing heavy penalties due to a lack of compliance. Uber understands this and offersan effective way to manage users’ data. Data collected by uber is only used when havingconsent from the data owner. The company has tried to improve on transparency of data andcommunication about the state of data in the company (Min et al., 2019). The company ensuresthat the cloud providers it is sourcing IT services from our fully certified for data protectionand privacy. Uber has avoided severe threats and hacks by ensuring the correct standards arefollowed. Multifactor authentication is also required before tampering with the data to keep thehacker away from the data.Uber utilizes a data warehouse for its data needs. With a data house, the company cando some analysis to the data and help make decisions about various strategic plans. Theadvantage of this type of data management is that it gives a company valuable information thatcan be used to understand the user’s behaviors to make better services. An advantage of themethod is that data security is of optimal priority, users data ca…



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