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Letter of Recommendation – Research writing a letter of recommendation and interview a peer to collect the information necessary to write that letter, for a  specific job opening, using the job description and their resume for reference or write a letter of recommendation for yourself. In other words, if you were to write a recommendation letter for yourself what would you say about your self and how they may relate to a job or career •Length: 1-page single-line spacing
For This Assignment Post, all Three Tables Presented in the Presentation 15.1 
Interview Your Peer Slide 2 (you don’t need to share this with me until you post the content here in the forum)
Interview Questions Table Slide  3
Job Description/Resume Info Slide 4
Follow Table Layout on Slides 5-8
Below the table:
State your field
Paste into the document links to 3 additional online sources of either information/guidelines.articles related to writing a letter of recommendations for someone in your field (teaching or wellness).
Paste in the actual content of the sources below the link where you found them. Please do not use the sources from the link I have you.
Write down three or more reasons for each why the sources you found are a good resource, and why they are appropriate for the field you will be working in.

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Letters of Recommendatio n & References Career Development Center Building B, Suite 119 [email protected] (773) 442-4680 Types of Recommendations/References Academic/Professional/ LinkedIn Personal ● Written by a Professor, Supervisor, Colleague, or Client/Student ● Stronger focus on skills and work samples ● LinkedIn is a shorter reference usually a paragraph vs. 1-2pgs ● Character reference ● Can be a friend, neighbor, fellow volunteer, mentor, etc. ● Overall traits and qualities Confidential vs. Non-Confidential What to Include Why are you qualified to recommend them? • Relationship to person/Context in which you know them • Length of time you’ve known them • Skills, traits, qualities and contributions you’ve observed • Examples of work/duties/responsibilities – this includes class participation and assignments for academic letters/recommenders • How your knowledge of them connects to the position applied for • Overall conclusion/summary • Only positives – do not bring up any faults, weaknesses, or negativity (that’s not the point of the letter/reference) What do you need in order to recommend? • Information on what the candidate is applying for: school and program, scholarship, job, etc. – get descriptions if possible • What particular skills, traits, qualities, or work does the candidate want you to emphasize? Do you need a reminder if it’s been a while? (ex. Class papers for academic references) • DEADLINE – If a letter, when is it due? If a reference, when are you likely to be called? Should you write the letter or serve as a reference? Consider declining if… • You do not have sufficient time to write a quality letter (deadline is too soon, or your schedule is too busy) • You do not know the person well enough to speak to their strengths • You have more to say on the person’s weaknesses than their strengths What to provide when asking? Now you know what the referee needs, what should you provide them with when asking? Resources: Purdue OWL National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Examples: Purdue OWL Academic Example Samples from Careers Office at IHU



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