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The final paper is designed to create a specific strategic initiative (service / product / service line) planning document that will include : 
1) definition of your organization AND the market in which your organization competes;
2) strategic initiative (product or service) description;
3) justification of how it fits into the “system level strategy” 
4) evidence of strategic thinking in the process; and
5) timeline to get your strategic initiative achieved
This Plan should also identify and describe appropriate and realistic goals, action items, possible metrics to determine success, and intended outcomes. You should use third party citations to support your initiative / goals. 

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Road Map Assignment Meklit Mekonnen Virginia Mason Medical Center ● One of the largest healthcare systems in the Seattle-Tacoma area. ● Cardiology specialists devoted to maximizing our patients’ quality of life. ● A 20,000 square-foot birth center dedicated to providing you with a unique birth experience. ● We have nationally recognized cancer experts who provide cutting-edge treatment and remarkable outcomes. System Level Strategy ● Below is the link for our protocols and policies ● The link below will take you to Patient Rights and Responsibilities. t-rights-responsibilities/virginia-mason-medical-center ● Virginia Mason Medical Center received a B on all 18 core culture metrics. Industry Overview Virginia Mason Medical Center has 5,000 total employees across all of its locations and generates $1.12 billion in sales (USD). There are 39 companies in the Virginia Mason Medical Center corporate family. Trends ● A new partnership with Contessa Health to operate Home Recovery Care. ● The focus on reducing waste and improving profit margins. ● Adopted the Toyota Production System as its management method to provide a perfect patient experience possible by utilizing lean principles, tools, and methodology. Strategic Objective Vision To be the Quality leader & transform health care Mission To improve the health & Well-being of the patients we serve Values Teamwork , Integrity , Excellence , Service Strategic objective Improve patient experience Tactictics: Increase patient engagenemet Communication Shortening wait times Road Map METHOD Month 1-4 Month 5-8 Month 9-12 Increase Patient engagement Communication Shortening wait times ACTIVITIES ● ● Provide Education Engage in Shared-Decision Making ● Minimize Barriers to Care ● Managers will train physicians to use simple language. ● More funding from our stakeholders. Increase telehealth option. ● OUTCOMES – More than 67% of our patients will adhere to their treatment plan. – Patients will have constant, engaging interactions with a care team, and personalized care plans. – Our Patients will have a better understanding of their diagnosis and treatment options. – Reduce time spent sitting in the waiting room TimeLine #1 Jan 9: Mar 9: leaders and Leaders and staff staff Meetings kick-off Jan 26: (Bimonthly) Mar 16: Meeting Developin Revising g the surveys& Initial Retesting survey activities Jan Feb Mar Apr Phase 1 January-April: Surveys & Interviews Apr 18: Leaders’ phone interviews May 9: Leaders and staff Meetings (Bimonthly) May Jun Oct 13: Evaluate the engagement of stakeholders Sep 9: Nov 9: Leaders and Leaders and staff staff Meetings Meetings (Bimonthly) (Bimonthly) July 9: Leaders and staff Meetings (Bimonthly) July Phase 2 May-August: Trainings Aug Sept Oct Nov Phase 3 SeptemberDecember: Stakeholder inputs Dec 15: Revisit goals & plan next steps for future engagement Dec TimeLine #2 (Training) May 3: All Staff register for Training MAY May 15: First Training Slides and Article Published June 5 & 12: In-person Session July 4: Second Training slides and Article Published August 5: Practical Training JUNE JULY AUG June 22: Online Reflection & learning session July 18: Online/peer support and Mentoring August 25: Action planning for the future References ● ● ● ● ● ● ● dc66cbf109ac0eb74305fba7.html me-pilot care-s.html Kenney/p/book/9781563273759 -Conference.pdf?1534557539



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